coach-trainingI enjoy presenting workshops, lectures and training’s for high school and college students, professionals and individuals that seek education and guidance for enhancing their skills and life. Over the past twenty years I’ve given hundreds of presentations on subjects related to emotional management, mental and spiritual conditioning, making fearless choices, healthy relationships, overcoming trauma, addictions & recovery, effective communication, diversity, and rebuilding trust.

I have a humorous yet down-to-earth style, I utilize metaphors and offer interactive experiences for my audience to practice theory with application. I am known for my ability to blend humor with empathy. I have walked the walk and talked the talk; in other words I have both the life experience and the education which enables me to have unique insight into my client’s issues and struggles. Participants have noted that I’m skillful, thorough and practical. Many have said “you must have been in our (place of work, classroom, and living room) because you seem so well informed and in-tuned to exactly what’s going on with us”.



I can tailor my presentations to either an audience of helping and therapy professionals, or an audience comprised of members of the general public, parents, adolescents, couples (gender and relational diverse), adults, and/or families in recovery. Speaking rates available upon request. Please contact me for more information.



Training & Speaking Topics…

Family Dynamics / Roles
Caring for an Addict / Alcoholic
Creating Family Agreements
Understanding Addiction
Parenting Teen Addicts
Addressing the “Now What” after Treatment

PTSD – Trauma and Healing
Understanding and Overcoming Being Sexual Assaulted
Understanding Rape / Sexual Offending

Healthy Communication
Relationships in Recovery
Understanding the Psychology & History of Relationship Abuse
Rebuilding Trust
Defining Commitment
Managing Jealousy

Care and Well-being Professionals, Professional Parents and Teachers:
Self-care and compassion fatigue

Peer Pressure / Negative Social Influence
Self Esteem / Self Worth
Drug Prevention / Intervention
Understanding & Appreciating Care Givers
Challenging Thinking Errors

Hostility Towards Women / Objectification
Understanding and Navigating Child Protection / Judicial Systems
Successful Co-Parenting
Men Issues in Recovery

Understanding Objectification
Psychology of Abuse
Self-Esteem / Self-Worth
Overcoming Hurt & Nurturing Healthy Relationships