Recovery / Addiction Resources

Chemical Dependency and Addiction

Alcoholics Anonymous, 212-870-3400

Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous
Directory of discussion boards (using email) and real time online meetings (using the chat feature.) Includes listings for the U.S. and other countries.

Cocaine Anonymous (CA), 800-347-8998

Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA), 213-488-4455

Dual Recovery Anonymous, 877-883-2332

Marijuana Anonymous (MA)

Narcotics Anonymous (NA), 818-773-9999

Nicotine Anonymous (NICA), 800-TRY-NICA

Compulsive Gambling

Debtors Anonymous (DA), 781-453-2743

Gamblers Anonymous (GA), 213-386-8789

Eating Disorders

Anorexia Nervosa and Associated (Eating) Disorders (ANAD), 847-831-3438

Eating Disorders Anonymous (EDA)

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous

Overeaters Anonymous (OA), 505-891-2664

Sexual Addiction

Love Addicts Anonymous (LAA)

Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA), 800-477-8191

Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA), 781-255-8825

Sexaholics Anonymous (SA), 615-331-6230

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA), 800-977-HEAL

Survivors of Incest/Childhood Sexual Abuse (SIA)

Mental Health

Co-Dependents Anonymous (CODA), 602-277-7991

Emotions Anonymous (EA), 651-647-9712

Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous (OCA), 516-739-0062

Workaholics Anonymous, 510-273-9253

Family Support

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA), 310-534-1815

Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

Al-Anon/Alateen, 888-4AL-ANON

Co-Anon (Cocaine Addicts’ Family Groups), 520-513-5088

Co-Dependents Anonymous (CODA), 602-277-7991

Co-Dependents of Sex Addicts (COSA)

Families Anonymous, 800-736-9805

Parents Anonymous, 909-621-6184

Recovering Couples Anonymous (RCA), 314-397-0867

Other Addiction Support

Clutterers Anonymous

Dual Recovery Anonymous World Service (DRA)

Nicotine Anonymous

Ritualistic Abuse, Mind Control & Torture, Survivor Support

Self-Injury Support