Coaching | Psychotherapy

What is it?

“Motivating and moving clients forward and to the highest levels of self & relationship performance and overall life satisfaction while raising their awareness to unresolved / unfinished issues from all stages in life so that they can move from a dysfunctional place to a natural healthier functioning level”. –Coach Nakumbe

If you’re having relationship problems with a member of your family, your significant other, at work or even with yourself and you’re absolutely ready to do something about it… but….

  • You’re stuck because of mental blocks (self-doubt, shame, guilt & fear).
  • You have no idea where to start.
  • You know where to start and what to do… however, you need a gentle nudge or motivational push.
  • You move (2) steps forward and no matter what, you continuously take (4) steps back.

Then working with me using a method called Coaching Psychology will be the way to go. Using a uniquely skilled combination of my Clinical Counseling | Marriage and Family Therapy skills and my Relationship, Parenting, and Youth Life-Coaching skills, together we will constructively challenge the beliefs and assumptions that prevent you from reaching your full potential or find a different path to follow in support of building a happier, more successful or satisfying relationship and overall transition in life.

How is it done?

One of the ways I support clients to achieve this goal is to help them to get in touch with their inner resources in the uniquely personal way that make sense to them. Along the journey of working together, we work on healing emotional wounds while focusing on self-exploration, self-knowledge, relationship enhancement and better self-management.

Discover what the problem is so that you can get to what’s possible…

Who I serve:

  • Adolescents & Young Adults (ages 13-25)
  • Adults (gender diverse)
  • Couples (relational diverse)
  • Families (extended, cross-cultural, single parenting, traditional)

Areas of Specialty:

  • Addictions (sexual, alcohol, chemical abuse)
  • Anger & Emotional Management
  • Anxiety. Depression. Trauma – PTSD
  • Relationship Conflict. Codependency
  • Victims of Physical, Sexual, or Domestic Abuse
  • Parenting Teens and Family Relationship Difficulties

Drug & Alcohol Assessments

For adults and adolescents

As a licensed Drug & Alcohol counselor I offer chemical dependency evaluations to determine the level of chemical use and will make recommendations based on the findings. ‘Contact’ me to schedule a Chemical Dependency Evaluation or Rule 25 Assessment and for cost and payment options.

The coaching | psychology process is customized to each individual’s or family’s focus. The frequency of services can range from immediate crisis consulting to regularly scheduled weekly, monthly, or quarterly sessions. All sessions are kept strictly confidential. If you are ready to move forward in your journey and to take your recovery or relationship to the next level by:

  • Discovering, clarifying, and aligning to raise your awareness to what’s going on and why
  • Shifting perspectives and erroneous thinking (getting unstuck)
  • Develop solutions and strategies to enhance the important relationships in your life – including the one with yourself

Then click here to contact Coach Nakumbe to get started.