April 20th


Did you know that there is a day this month that is going to be recognized and celebrated by many individuals?  You are probably saying to yourself “of course I do Coach, Easter is one of the more important days for a Christian.” Well, that is correct, but, unfortunately, that is not the day that I am talking about. The day I am talking about is April 20th  (4.20), also known as “Weed Day” – yes, you read that correctly, “Weed Day.” I know, you are thinking “come on Coach there is not a day to recognize Weed.” Well, actually there is.


Earning or Removing Privileges for Your Teen

For a long time, I found that just ‘taking’ things away was not the best way to teach my kids to take responsibility for their behavior. Later, my kids and I met as a family and discussed what it is to ‘earn’ certain privileges and how to ‘earn’ them from being put on hold, suspended (i.e. xbox game subscriptions) or permanently removed.


One day at a time…

Parents –

Over turning troubled well-practiced behavior is hard for your teen; it’s hard for any one. Now that the pain form their last trouble is over – and they have gotten comfortable again… it’s right back to their low feelings of self worth, disconnected and unattached mentality coupled with their well-rehearsed behaviors. You can remind them of how much money it cost you to bail them out, how awful of a human being you think they are or even attempt to use physical punishment if you so wish… but a person persuaded against their will is of the same persuasion still. I say to you like I say to my marathon training clients – don’t think about the miles you’ve already covered – don’t think about the miles ahead – think about what you’re doing right here, right now. One day at a time.. if need be, one minute at a time.

Live with intent!

Support, Therapy and Lifestyle Changes…


It will take more then just words to help yr teen son ‘change’ his abusive behavior. He doesn’t even change his underwear without prompt, what makes you think he will change his abusive/addictive/problematic behavior. For a real change, encourage and move him toward some form of counseling/therapy/support to help fight his internal madness. Find and believe in a higher power to surrender his will (right now he is surrendering to drugs/$/women/drama/etc. A change in activities and company – the power of association is huge! Align those things with his determination to change and it can and WILL happen.

Parent with Intent!

Tip to help with Anxiety

Parents & Teens:

Do you suffer from anxiety? Here’s something to say to yourself in that moment: ‘Anxiety is not dangerous – it’s just uncomfortable. I am fine; I’ll just continue with what I’m doing or find something more active to do’.