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Thank you for your time and interest in learning more about me and how I came to be where I am today; passionate about Raising Awareness | Shifting Perspectives | and Changing Lives. I do this through humorous and motivational workshops and presentations, recovery coaching and relationship psychotherapy (individuals, couples, and families).

Whether I’m presenting or providing coaching | psychotherapy, I offer a nonjudgmental, professional and down-to-earth style that at its’ foundation is about, honor, dignity and respect for all those that I partner with and serve. For over twenty years I’ve delivered messages related to Substance Abuse, Choices, The Psychology of Abuse, Relationship Success, Peer Pressure/Influence, Overcoming Adversity, and Inclusion/Diversity in a non-threatening and theatrical yet effective style that not just entertains but teaches for long‐ term change. Utilizing a variety of techniques, models, experimental and researched best practices; I’m best known for “teaching with a unique style of humor and magic.”


My Story

I’m a native of the Bronx in New York, son of a 13-year old teenage girl who ‘wanted something of her own that will love her’. She self-medicated her problems in life by consuming alcohol and smoking marijuana. She used her body and manipulation skills to manage life in the streets and to take care of me and my two younger sisters. I endured her physical and psychological abuse and shielded my sisters from such abuse, while at the same time protecting our family secret of dysfunction and chaos, until I was ultimately placed into the New York City foster care system. After being shuffled through an orphanage and multiple foster homes – I was a bitter child, but was I was fortunate to have a family take me in that would not give up on me and ingrained in mind that there is ‘no situation too great to handle’ as well as what it means to have ‘family’ – for which I’m forever thankful. Later, the state of NY placed me for adoption and in that home, I was provided the care, discipline and resources needed to manage and enhance my life. It wasn’t easy, but with additional professional and personal help and support… I survived those younger years without surrendering to drugs or alcohol.

I’ve faced significant challenges and can personally comment on the power of spiritual healing, emotional management, raising my awareness and shifting perspectives so that I can utilize a different set of coping strategies. Throughout my pains and gains, I never forgot where I came from, am committed to paying it forward, and I maintain my focus on helping others “reveal, deal and heal” as I help them to shift perspectives and change their lives! I’ve created a niche as both a gifted speaker with a comic edge and a comic with a serious and heartfelt message. I teach practical and efficient life management skills to people of all ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and professions. Adept at using role-play and storytelling to demonstrate techniques, I skillfully engage individuals and audiences, regardless of group size. Professionals, college and high school students, educators and other workshop participants and clients describe me as entertaining, engaging, knowledgeable, authentic, passionate, motivational, inspirational, content-focused and professionally fun.



I’m a licensed addictions and a licensed professional clinical counselor, marriage and family therapist and a certified parent and teen, relationship and recovery life coach. I’m a graduate of Kaplan University, Alder Graduate School and I’m a Doctoral Candidate studying and researching in the area of Cognitive Psychology.

I’m the founder of Coach Nakumbe’s Education for Change and 779 Riverside Recovery & Counseling Services. I’ve authored books in the areas of parenting teen addicts, communication and relationship trust.

If you have any questions about the services that I offer, please feel free to contact me for a free 20-minute phone consultation.






Coach Nakumbe,
Raising Awareness | Shifting Perspectives | Changing Lives


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