A Serious Debilitating Condition…

Addiction & Codependency:

When one person in a family is addicted, everyone is affected. Family members who have ignored, denied, justified, and enabled the addict are known as codependent.
Codependency is a serious and debilitating condition that wreaks havoc on the lives of the codependent person and all those around him or her.

Characteristics of Codependents
People who are codependent have certain characteristics or traits involving care taking, low self-worth, obsession, and repression.

As codependents, they may feel that they’re responsible for another person’s (especially the addict’s) actions, feelings, thoughts, well-being or lack of it, even their destiny.

This behavior CAN change…

Tip: Practice detachment. Learn how to detach yourself from the problems of others. Stop letting other people’s issues and problems consume your every waking thought. This will take quite a bit of practice, but things like meditation, vigorous exercise, being with others, and developing a sense of spirituality may help immensely.