Resource for Parents of At-Risk & Addicted Teens

 Whether you have a teen who engages in risky behaviors, such as alcohol or drugs, or one who is defiant and always pushing the limits, you know how difficult family life can become.

Heated arguments, chaos and confusion, and possibly even physical violence are common. What happened to that idyllic dream of a happy and healthy family — one that gets along, works toward a common goal, and creates lasting positive memories? Don’t give up on that dream yet. You can change the dynamics of your family life and get along with your teen! In Get Smarter Not Even, Coach Nakumbe shows you how. Discover how to open up the communication channels between you and your teen, overcome and turnaround the ‘Why don t you trust me?’ question, create a family vision that guides your family to long-term success, and parent today’s socially challenged teens in a way that gains respect and results. No matter what your family is going through, Coach Nakumbe’s proven strategies, solutions, and tools can help you create that happy and harmonious family life with your teen that you ve always wanted. or