SPICE – Beneficial Substitute or Real Risk?

I met with a client today, he looked baked (high) and spoke with the most angelic voice I’ve heard to date with him.

When I asked if he had used any thing that my cause him to appear the way he did (I don’t ask technical questions that teens can lock onto specific words – “are you drunk” and to them, they are not because they smoked or “did you smoke” and they say no, because they huffed) my client laughed and asked “do you want to know if I smoked weed?” I said sure, if you want me to know. He said “nope, no weed for me” and even offered to take a urine test to prove his innocence (I love that offer and he seemed so sincere).

I asked, then WHAT was the reason for his behavior (I tend to stay away from WHY so no one has to search for a pleasing answer). He calmly said SPICE and smiled. (Spice: Synthetic cannabis is a psychoactive herbal and chemical product which, when consumed mimics the effects of cannabis. It is best known by the brand names K2 and Spice – National Institute of Health)

Although this would not show up in his urine and although he was not high on marijuana/weed, he still had a drug in his system that poses serious health risk. I know it’s been the suspect in a few teen’s comma’s and 64 US Navy Sailors being released from duty.

My question to him and you… is it a beneficial substitute or real risk?